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Benjamin has worked with me on my fitness journey for almost two years. The last fifteen months has been virtual. Though skeptical at first, I have been pleasantly surprised the effectiveness of my virtual training sessions with Benjamin to the point that I believe I do not need to return to the gym to improve my fitness, mobility, strength and balance . As a senior it is very important to me to remain in a safe environment while training. I feel I am currently in excellent shape in a large part thanks to Ben-E-Fit's guidance. In conclusion I highly recommend Ben-E-Fit as a personal trainer live or virtually. They work with you not on you.



Working with {Ben} to achieve greater health and fitness has been rewarding for me on so many levels. I have worked with many trainers in different contexts throughout my life. You are different in that you not only have an extraordinary foundation of knowledge in anatomy, and physiology but you also have experience and expertise in both mainstream physical fitness training AND alternative approaches to health and fitness. You seem able to easily adapt our sessions to suit whatever problems I present at the moment. I have never worked with someone who can so easily tune in to my immediate needs in a manner that helps to further my goal of greater fitness while respecting and nurturing the limitations I may present at the moment. That you can do it so effortlessly with such effectiveness is quite frankly AMAZING.

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The best part is that Ben crafts training sessions ... to the individual. Because he know such a wide range of exercises he is able to adapt to your fitness goals. This variety of exercises also makes the session interesting and challenging. Never boring. Time flies and you've had a great workout! I like knowing why we are doing a certain exercises and what muscle groups we are working and why.

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