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Gentle training for people in recovery
Ass kickings for those in need


One on one Personal Training

The classic

I will provide workouts to meet you at your skill level with challenging workouts that will put your mental and physical fitness to the test.


Gentle training

Take it (kinda) easy

Not everyone needs a trainer to get motivated.  Maybe you run or bike or play ball with your friends.  Let me help your find movements to recover or prevent injury in your favorite sport.


Surgery Prep

Heal with Confidence

If you are about to undergo surgery, prepare yourself physically.  I will use gentle, corrective exercises that will increase blood flow and build motor coordination BEFORE your operation so you can succeed in physical therapy and get back to life as it should have been.

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Examining X-ray

Surgery Prep

Recover with confidence

There is a lot that goes into healing and recovering from an operation.  And it's all on you.  Your doctor may set the bones or stitch tissues but its on your body to make with the healing.  I can help you prepare for surgery by increasing your core strength and providing gentle exercises to ready those areas for their new life post-op.

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Take your time

Healing isn't a straight line

After your operation, you should work with your therapist as assigned by your doctor or surgeon.  Once released from the care and skill of a physical therapist, it may be difficult to know what to do to 'stay on track'

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So are you a Physical Therapist?

I am not!

I will be your trainer waiting in the wings to integrate the work you've done with your physical therapist with functional strength and conditioning and keep your recovery time short and progress on track.

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Where do we go from here

Life after physical therapy

I love working with people through the little things.  The work you have done in physical therapy doesn't stop at their door.  Bring your PT work to me and I will make sure your injuries stay in check. Together we can stay recovered and 'get back on the horse' or any other thing you may have fallen off of.

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