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Fitness is what you make it

Training unlike anything else for someone unique as you.

Fitness isn't for the gym.  It's for your life.  The point is to feel good and love what you're doing. So, if your routine isn't adding to your life, scrap it.  Let me show you how to handle life's daily hurdles with confidence and grace.

Why Ben-E-Fit?: Welcome

I'm not like those other guys

No, really

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One on One Support

We never miss a beat

I will be watching and supporting you from the moment you start to the moment you end your workout.  I am invested in seeing YOU grow.

Personalized Programming

First Class Support

Everyone is an athlete whether they know it or not and we can prove it. 
We will find the perfect movements to ignite your passion for movement and get you sweating!

Virtually Anything

Without leaving the house

I will help you hand-pick the right materials for your goals and your space. Work out before you you head out for work in the morning for a virtual session or I can come to you in the afternoon

Why Ben-E-Fit?: Classes

One on one

Just the two of us

Working out at home means there is no one watching.  Other than your pets of course.....

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Why Ben-E-Fit?: About

Be Kind to You

A healthy headspace is all the rage

I want you to love your reflection in the mirror.  Today.  


While I want to accommodate all kinds of goals with all kinds of clients, I never allow it at the cost of your mental health.  If all you want is a sexy summer body in 90 days, there's lots of resources out there for you.  

Ben-E-Fit.Training is not about body building or fitting into your high school jeans.  Its about fitting into your life.  The life you have now.

Why Ben-E-Fit?: Welcome

Not your average trainer

No Shame, All gain

My mission is to help people with all levels of fitness experience build routines that improve their lives. People with chronic pain or excess weight may think they have to 'fix' something before they can work with a trainer.  
You may feel like you have to 'limber up' before spending time and money with a professional.
We would be proud to have you as a client today.  You don't have to start alone.

Why Ben-E-Fit?: About Me

Every Body Deserves to be Loved

Everyone welcome

We are inundated daily with ideas of what our body 'should' look like in movies and ads and before and after pictures.  Healthy bodies only have one thing in common: People who love and care for their vessel.  There are too many unique people in the world for all of us to have the same body.  You can make time every day to celebrate your unique strengths and weaknesses.  You can revel in your victories and seek new challenges with purpose.  All you need is a hand to point the way and the support to stay on the path.

Fun at Yoga
Why Ben-E-Fit?: About
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