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Better living one healthy habit at a time


Run Your Own Race

Comparison is the thief of joy.  
We're not here to make you into a body builder or an influencer.  We're here to make your 'everyday' a little better.


You have the strength that really matters; the strength to wake up and do it all again tomorrow, the strength to lend a hand, the strength to say 'yes' to yourself and to your life.  All you need is a coach to light the way.

-Benjamin, Owner of Ben-E-Fit


We do things differently around here

You don't have to know squat

I specialize in helping people recover from injury, surgery and time itself.  I will listen and take your aches and pains into account.  I will show you why some movements are better than others and teach you how to use your body like the miracle it truly is.


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